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So what now?

As I lay in bed last night thinking about the election, all I could do was play out worst-case scenarios.  I have a tendency to do this in my life and I’ve been told there’s even a name for it – awfulizing.  Because I am aware of this tendency, I try to logically keep myself in check.  Is this really a possibility?  Is this really a probable possibility?  I’m analytical to a fault, but it’s how I keep my sanity.  As I flipped through worst-case scenarios, I had the frightening realization that not only were most of them possible, they were also probable.  Jesus.

Next, I experience a myriad of emotions – anger, fear, resentment, and an overwhelming sense of grief.  I mourned last night for the country and the Americans I thought I knew.  I mourned for the future we’ve thrown away, for the children who will grow up wondering why we didn’t look out for their best interests, and for all of those whose lives we determined were not valuable last night.

So what now?  I am one person.  I am one vote (which I cast).  I am one voice.  I am one vehicle for change.  What can one person do to make this country a place of love and not fear and hate?  Again, several options raced through my thoughts – volunteer, donate money, raise awareness, visit a mosque, help the homeless… All seemed like great options but which one would make a lasting impact?  Which of these activities would spread love not hate?  All of them.  Every. Single. One.  It occurred to me that I could honor the nation I thought we were (and I hope we will still become) by completing 270 acts of random kindness over the next year.  One act for every electoral college vote to win the election.

For all of you who are feeling sadness, anger, grief, despair, I encourage you to join me. It doesn’t matter how you measure or track your acts.  It could be a donation of $270, it could be 270 different acts.  We are removing the feeling of helplessness and moving to action.  #spreadlovenothate  #270actsofkindness