Act 10 – Make it easier

Mondays are hard.  I really enjoy my job but no matter what, when the alarm goes off on Monday morning, my first thought is to pull the covers over my head and ignore the beeping noise pulsating through the room.  It doesn’t help that this time of year it is pitch black and cold outside.  Sometimes very cold.  It takes a lot of effort to not hit the snooze button 24 times but instead to rally and pull myself out of bed and get ready for what the world has in store for me.

This Monday morning, I was met with good news – the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will not grant the Dakota Access Pipeline permit, but is instead looking at alternative routes.  I’m my world right now, this is the type of victory I need, perhaps the type of victory we all need.  This decision doesn’t mean that the pipeline won’t happen, it just means that the pipeline will not run under Lake Oahe, thus decreasing the threat to the water of those living on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.  While there is still much apprehension around what will happen to regarding the pipeline once the Trump presidency begins, for now this is good news.  It’s the type of news that makes is much easier to crawl out of my warm bed and start my Monday morning.

In an effort to make Mondays easier for those around me, I decided to bring into work homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  Nothing says let’s rock this week like cinnamon rolls.  It is also my way of thanking my coworkers for all their efforts to make my Mondays (and my weeks) easier.  I work in a welcoming environment where people inquire about each other’s weekends, know the names of each other’s children, dogs, cats, etc.  We truly care about one another and that makes it easier.   But it’s good to remember to say thank you.  It’s good to provide encouragement (or delicious treats) that say we’re in this together and I’m here for you.  It’s good to remember to spread love.


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