Act 9 – Giving is better than getting

We’ve long been told that to give is better than to receive.  Most children seem to understand this – they willingly hold out whatever is in their hand (toys, half eaten food, etc) for you to have.  As we age however, at least for me, I’ve had to remind myself of this rule.  I find that I get caught up in the acquisition stage of life and forget the sharing part.  It’s not that I’m striving to keep with the Joneses; it’s a feeling that I need security and that I must plan for times of shortage.  As adults, we are frequently reminded that our circumstances could change and all our comfort could quickly be taken away.  Thus, we must always have a backup plan.  Part of this planning means having some (of whatever) for later.  My father refers to this as “pan stock” because you never know when you’re going to need…

But this stockpiling mentality removes the opportunity to share what I have, what we all have, with others.  Hallmark and the other large retailers have a knack for reminding us of this during the holiday season, and while I don’t want to partake in the commercialized aspects of the season, I do value the reminder that ’tis better to give than to receive.  We should be looking for opportunities to share instead of to stockpile.  At a time in our history when it seems so many of our neighbors have felt left out in the cold, either figuratively or literally, it’s important that we are as inclusive as possible.

Part of being inclusive means allowing others the ability to join in celebrating the season, however that looks for them and their families.  While they can be joyful, the holidays can also be a painful reminder of being without – without family, without money to purchase gifts for loved ones, without money to purchase food, etc.  A friend of mine at work reminded me that our local Boys and Girls Club allows you to adopt a family in need for the boysgirlsclublogoseason.  You have the opportunity to provide feedback on the type of family you would like to adopt (number of children, number of adults) and they match you with a family in need.  The Club will then provide you with a wish list from the family.  If you live in Larimer County, you can click the link here to adopt a local family.  This is only one of many opportunities to help others celebrate the season and to invite people to feel included in our community.  Spread love.


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